Plan A Joyful Birth Even With a Deployed Spouse

Joyful Pregnancy + Birth

How do you have a joyful birth when your spouse is gone? What if you had wanted a baby for awhile. Planned and dreamed and finally it happens. Your family is growing. But then you had to spend the rest of your pregnancy and then the birth of your baby without your partner? This is what Tristen and other military spouses like her face. Documenting one of the last days together helped preserve this beautiful time in their parenting journey.

These memories help provide a sense of comfort and joy about this pregnancy and birth.

1. Enjoy The Time You Have

I had so much fun with this sweet couple, but underneath it all the feeling of sadness was still there. The person you love will be gone for awhile. Figuring out how to live your life without the partner you vowed to do life with is hard. It almost feels like grief. You’re now alone. The beautiful birth you envisioned will now happen without the person that helped create that new life. It feels unfair.

How do you prepare for birth without your partner? This is what Tristen felt is helping her:

  • Do as much together as possible before they leave. Pick out baby names, put together the nursery, discuss important parenting decisions and the birth plan together. Involve them as much as you can.
  • Be realistic in your expectations. Don’t expect them not to deploy or come home. Don’t get your hopes up.
  • Prepare yourself mentally. Keep telling yourself that you are strong. Baby will be healthy whether it’s just you, or both of you there.
  • Winging it 100% You just have to do the best you can.

2. Hire A Birth Photographer

This first time mama had enough to worry about when thinking about her birth. Documenting her family is important to her. Her new house already had frames lining the hallway. Hiring someone to take photos and video was a way she could help her husband feel like he was there. Her and her family could be truly present and focus on supporting her. The plan is to FaceTime during the birth, but there’s no guarantee. One less stress for a more joyful birth.

I offer a $200 discount for military families experiencing a birth with their partner absent.

3. Hire A Doula

Even if it’s just for an education class, I always recommend a doula. They help educate you, advocate for you, and support you when it’s most needed. That little extra support can help make your birth plan a reality.

Birth has always been a passion for me, which is why I’m excited to announce that I have started a Birth and Bereavement Doula Certification. I will be offering strictly doula services as well as an add-on to my photography soon. My main goal is to help support birthing persons in the community and to be a better birth photographer by extending my knowledge.

Also I want to make art with your placenta. #gimmeyourplacenta Complimentary to the first five to book a birth or newborn session.

Queen City Birth Collective is an awesome resource with amazing doulas and workshops.

Tristen and her spouse petting thier dog in the nursery thinking about having a joyful birth.

Yep, You’re going to be a big brother furry dude. This won’t be the last time you see this family. Their story will continue for her birth and their homecoming!

Interested in having your own joyful birth documented or want to learn more about my services?

Feel free to reach out and chat!


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