Hey! I'm just a Southern girl who loves Jesus and Coffee. 

I know how busy life gets. I know how fast babies grow. I became a story teller so that when memories fade you can still hear and see the things you love.

I have had three hospital births, a home birth, and even an unassisted home birth. I believe in supporting everyone no matter their birth plan. I'm your biggest cheerleader!

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The  birth day of your baby is one of the most important and beautiful events of your life. I will be able to tell your story in its entirety so you and your support team can focus on you and the beautiful life that you are bringing into this world. Your strength, the way your partner encouraged you, the moment you realized you did it! You'll always have those moments.


As a Professional Birth Photographer I will be able to objectively capture your most emotional moments without missing them. I know how to artistically document moments that you may otherwise deem too graphic. I adhere to a code of ethics and will not interfere with your birth process.


Birth environments as well as birth itself can be unpredictable. While cell phones and other cameras come with some impressive capabilities, my professional equipment and experience will be able to handle all lighting scenarios producing quality images. 


Memories fade and are unreliable. Pain, exhaustion, and hormones can cause the small beautiful moments of such a significant event to be a little fuzzy. Your strength is inspiring. The way your partner shows their support for you is beautiful. Documenting your story allows you to have these moments forever. 

WHy Birth Photography?

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