What To Pack For Your Birth

I have rounded up the most important items to pack for your birth. Even if you plan to have a home birth it’s always a good idea to be prepared.

photo of a diaper bag full of diapers and baby items
Bag with diapers and baby accessories on wooden table

Make a birth plan! If you have a doula they can help go over what to include and how to make one. The Bump has a great template here.

  • A change of clothes! Pack a comfy outfit for you and your partner. Don’t be afraid to pack maternity clothes.A cute bralette to give birth in. You don’t have to be in that gown. It’s all about being comfortable and that makes you feel good.
  • Chargers and an extension cord. Trust me. No one wants to have dead phones or laptops. You never know where the plug-in will be so an extension cord can help keep things closer to you.
  • Newborn outfit and swaddle. Make that two or three. You’re gonna want to have a photographer or take photos yourself. Not to mention they can’t be naked when they go home. Plan for poop explosions, you will thank me later.
  • Snacks and cash. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared. No one likes being hangry. Snacks will help tide you over until you can get real food. Cash just in case you want to use a vending machine or the worst happens and someplace won’t take your card.
  • Make it feel like home. Bring your favorite pillow or throw. Hang your favorite birth affirmations. Your favorite cup. It doesn’t have to feel like a hospital.
  • Did I miss anything? Feel free to add something in the comments. You’re not trying to move in so try to keep it easy 🙂


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