Top Ten Postpartum Essentials

When I was a new mom I had no idea what to really expect and what would help me get through postpartum. The more babies I had, the more I learned. Here are my top ten essentials that can help make the fourth trimester a little bit easier.

  • Disposable or reusable postpartum underwear. I wore depends with my fifth and it was way more comfortable! Thinx has a great postpartum line that can you can reuse and look super comfy and cute.
photo of postpartum underwear
  • After-ease Tincture. Some may not experience afterbirth pains but after my second the afterbirth pains were almost unbearable. I didn’t discover this until my fifth! It also works for horrible period cramps.
photo of afterbirth pain tincture
  • Peri-bottle. No one wants to tell you how swollen or painful it can still be after you have a baby. The squirt bottle filled with warm water will help clean and sooth. Frida Mom anything is a awesome.
photo of peri bottle for postpartum
  • Dermoplast: Even if you didn’t tear or received stitches this spray is good to have on hand. Cleans, sooth, and help with the pain your private parts may be causing you.
photo of dermoplast  spray to help with pain and itch postpartum
  • Tuck’s pads. The witch hazel also soothes and protects. Place them in your pad or underwear. It will definitely help if you still have those annoying hemorrhoids .
picture of tucks pads to help postpartum
  • Nursing pads. Bamboobies are my favorite because they are super soft and reusable. The Lansinoh brand was a favorite as well because I still leaked a lot even after a year of nursing! If you aren’t nursing, you’ll still leak until you dry up.
photo of nursing pads
  • Nipple butter. Chafing, cracked, painful nipples? This will help heal them. Earth Mama Organics is wonderful.
photo of nipple butter
  • Nursing Pillow. Nursing can definitely take a toll on your posture and those tiny little babies start feeling really heavy after awhile. Boppy’s are super popular and their Best Latch pillow will offer the best support.
photo of nursing pillow
  • Postpartum Belly Wrap. Not everyone will need or want this. I could not function correctly with my last baby without it. It helps support your hips and core, kind of feels like it’s holding everything in place. I felt instant relief when I tried one. Belly Bandit is a popular brand. I found a different brand at Target.

  • Postpartum Doula. I really should have put this at the top of the list. PP doulas help with newborn care and help with feeding. They do light housework. Some cook or feed you. The emotional and physical support they provide is so important. I offer two hours of postpartum care in each of my birth packages.

Is there anything that you loved after you had a baby that isn’t on the list? Share below in the comments! I put photos so you can send this to your partner so they can go grab them for you if it’s urgent 😉 These links to not monetarily benefit me in anyway.


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