The Birth of K

I walked into the house to smiling faces at around 9:00 pm. I’ve known Amanda for awhile through the homeschool community, she’s booked sessions with me before, I’ve babysat. I was excited for a baby to be born. At 41 + 3 Amanda was even more ready. All the kids were asleep and with it being her fourth baby we all thought baby K would be born before the sun came up.

Amanda was able to rest most of the night. Jenny, the midwife from Clarksville Midwifery, was amazing. Late into the night she had sent her birth assistants home. She was stuck with me. The next day we ended up taking shifts for naps. Jenny is the nap QUEEN. Her partner Christy was able to come for some of the day which was a blessing. There was cake that Amanda’s best friend baked. I may or may not have eaten half of it. The Red Bulls her partner Chris brought me also saved the day.

Later in the day Chris’s daughter left with her mom. Amanda’s kid’s left with their respective dad. Amanda was able to to labor in her dark bedroom as undisturbed as possible. That evening she let the midwives know at a certain point that she wanted her water broken.

Labor picked up after that and around 24 hours since I arrived it was time to get in the tub. There was only one time where she doubted whether or not she would know when to push, but she did a great job trusting her intuition the entire time. Not too long before midnight baby K made his arrival so he could share his birthday with his mom!

Even though Amanda had a home birth before she said this birth felt empowering and healing. She told me that her entire birth team, including me, allowed her to do what her body was made to. She thanked me but honestly I’m always honored to be trusted in these sacred spaces as your photographer and doula. My ultimate goal it to make sure every one gets the support they deserve.

Close up of pregnant woman having a contraction
Woman in labor leaning into her partner
Dog comforting her pregnant owner
kids helping make breakfast
midwife taking a nap
mom squatting during labor
woman pumping to progress labor
midwife breaking laboring mom's waters
Pregnant woman leaning over the birth pool
woman laboring in birth pool
mom laboring in birth pool while dad comforts her by playing with her hair
mom laboring in the birth pool while her best friend holds her hand
Mom gave birth to baby's head and is patiently waiting for the body to be birthed while in the birth pool
mom holding her newborn baby skin to skin
mom holding her newborn skin to skin while hat is put on his head
Mom latching baby to the breast while dad helps support the baby's head
Dad holding baby skin to skin while mom moves to the bed.
dad weighing newborn baby with a luggage scale
newborn baby getting newborn exam
mom holding baby after newborn exam


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