Is Bleeding In Pregnancy Normal?

Common Causes of Bleeding In Pregnancy

With any symptom , especially bleeding, contact your OB/Midwife Immediately. This post is purely educational and is not to be taken as medical advice. Being a first time mom, even a fifth time mom, can bring on pregnancy concerns. Any twinge or weird symptom can make you think… Is this normal? Let’s use Normal very loosely. Common is a better word. I’m going to breakdown the most common concerns.

Is bleeding Normal?

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First Trimester: According to the American Pregnancy Association one-third of women experience bleeding in the first trimester.

Implantation bleeding: This is where the fertilized egg implants into the uterine wall 10 to 14 days afterwards. It can often be mistaken for the start of your period since it may occur around the same time. Not everyone experiences this. It can often present as spotting. It is common and causes no risk.

Subchorionic Hemorrhage: This is found by ultrasound. It is blood that is found between the chorion and placenta wall. It doesn’t not always result in bleeding as it can heal itself without that particular symptom. Usually it does not impose complications. However, there is a slight risk of miscarraige. Bleeding can continue and you can also go on to have a happy and healthy pregnancy. (I did twice). It can be scary to hear or to experience but it is often harmless. It’s also been confused with a twin gestation sac! Source

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Third Trimester:

Bloody Show: This bleeding can occur soon before labor begins. The cervix is starting to efface and dilate. The amount is small and can be accompanied with mucus.

Placental abruption: This is a condition where the placenta detaches from the uterine wall. You may have pain, bleeding, or both. If the case is severe immediate delivery may be required. You can read more about this HERE.

Sexual Intercourse: This can cause spotting at any trimester. You can thank increased blood flow. You might not see it until the next day. It’s pretty common.

Ways to Navigate Scary Things In Pregnancy

Bleeding will always be scary when it comes to pregnancy. Even if you know that it’s probably biologically a part of the process. As mentioned before talking with your provider can help clarify and give more information. Sometimes that gives us peace of mind.

I highly recommend hiring a doula. Even if it isn’t me. Doulas are there to listen, help you navigate your feelings and support you. The best part is there is zero judgement. Let me know if this was helpful!


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