remember the little things

You don't think you can do it anymore. You want to give up and you feel like you'll never meet your baby. The pain or the exhaustion just feels overwhelming. Your partner is reminding you how strong you are.

The love and admiration just radiates from them. You are doing it, baby is almost here. Just a few more contractions and the sweet little one you've been growing is placed on your chest. You did it! 

Capture your strength and document the day that changed everything. 


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I'm Ash!  I'm just a southern girl who loves Jesus and Coffee. I've been married to my high school sweet heart for almost thirteen years and we have FIVE kids! I serve Middle Tennessee families who want to look back at all the little details from the moment your babe enters the world, to the way your partner looks at you when you aren't looking. I help you see the beauty in real life. 

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Who's telling your story?

"She took the most beautiful images and we will definitely treasure every shot she got of the whole labor process. We want one more, and we’re already planning on hiring Ashley again. I would definitely recommend her for anyone looking to document the birth of their baby, you won’t regret it!" 

Worth Every Penny

The details

"She was absolutely wonderful with my two, very excited older kiddos, as well as patient and reassuring to me while I was rushing around, stressed out. She made us all feel comfortable and made sure we got beautiful, natural shots. She truly captured the moment rather than making things look posed and stuffy. I look at our photos and video and cry happy tears."

I am so very grateful

"I can never thank you enough for capturing the birth of my baby girl, you were phenomenal and I now get to cherish the day of her birth for the rest of my life. It was quite a birth and your work allowed me to remember and see things I don’t even remember happening through all of the pain and tears!"


Motherhood becomes you. The restlessness and teary eyes are an afterthought to the kicks and hiccups of new life inside you. The anticipation vibrates through every part of you. The unknown is frightening, yet the thought of holding them in your arms eases the fear.

 No matter where you give birth, you are strong and full of selfless love. From the moment you feel you can't keep going, to the first time you realize you did it, I'm here to make those memories last forever. I want your story to be a part of your legacy.  These sessions are usually booked around 14 weeks. Limited booking per month.

Collections begin at 1500. Payment plans available. 

   Birth Story

Peach fuzz. Little fingers and toes. Their tiny features grow so fast. If I could bottle up the newborn smell, I would. It's starting to sink in. You have a new person that fills the room with joy. Fresh 48 sessions captures every little detail within the first 48 hours of life.

They grow so fast. Keep these precious moments forever. Whether you delivered at home, at a hospital, or a birth center.  These sessions are usually booked in the second or third trimester.

Collections start at 300. Payment plans available.

Hello, Baby


How did time pass so fast? You blinked and your sweet babies are bigger. Give them something to remember.

Film is a photograph that has come to life. Create a legacy as your family's story unfolds. No pressure or poses. Just doing what you love and reliving it at a press of a button.  Whether you are celebrating the third trimester, nursing your sweet babe, or playing in the creek your family's story is something to behold. 

Collections start at 400. Payment plans available.

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